♦ Joaquín Asiáin · Tenor ♦

Joaquín Asiáin was born in Navarre (Spain). The german-spanish Tenor studied at the Superior School of Voice of  Madrid and finished his  studies at the Musikhochschule und Darstellende Kunst  in Stuttgart (Germany).He was awarded 3rd prize of the VIII Lirico International Competition A. Catalani chaired by Leone Magiera.He received the teachings of eminent lyrical personalities , Alfredo Kraus, Thomas Quastoff, Aldo Baldin, Marimi del Pozo, William Matteuzzi

Joaquín Asiáin is what is generally known as „Tenore di grazia“ , a tenor that reaches exceptionally high tones.

He is a consummate specialist from the role of the roasted swan (Der Schwan) in the world-famous Carl Orff cantata, Carmina Burana. This role has been interpreted in more than 200 times, in Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Stuttgart, Graz, Cologne, Innsbruck, Bilbao, Frankfurt, Zürich, Monterrey, Salzburg, Hamburg, Mexico D.F, Berlin …

♦The Swan ♦

The figure of the Swan (Der Schwan) in the Carmina Burana is of special relevance.

Carl Orff composed a very sharp aria for tenor with extremely  notes … 3 x c5, 3 x d5 and 9 X Si4 … all composed of three strophes. Orff thought and wrote the aria for a tenor (not a countertenor ). In 1937 (year of composition of the work) the figure of the countertenor in the world opera scene had not yet resurfaced. It was the English countertenor Alfred Deller who rescued in the 1940s (later to the composition of the Carmina Burana)

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Carmina Burana in Mallorca: A tenor who specializes in singing the frying swan.



Some reviews


Tenor Joaquin Asiáin easily mastered the difficult high register of the roasted swan’s voice while spreading his arms like wings.

Götz Loos – Kamen Web – 20.11.2023 


With the German-Spanish high tenor Joaquín Asiain,made a guest appearance a representative of the genre tenore di grazia .He was an ideal cast for the fried swan and its final song,

Reiner Henn – Die Rheinpfalz – 12.07.2023



The tenor Joaquín Asiain convinced with his voice and staging.

 Alicia M.Gomez – Meinbezirk.at – 11.07.2023


… and the Spanish tenor Joaquín Asiáin, whose voice sounded incredibly warm and melting.

 Josef Gartner – OVB – 07.07.2023



The swan („Olim Lacus Colueram“), which is braised in the pan, could probably have not found a painful howling expressive and overtone -rich interpreter than Joaquin Asiain! His flanking gestures completed an almost summoning request for compassion – perfect Tragicomedy!

Björn Hadem – Siegener Zeitung – 23.05.2023


Orff demands the maximum performance from the soloists of „Carmina“. The tenor Joaquín Asiain presented the swan stewing in the pan in an exemplary manner in a grotesque opera scene, singing perfectly and humorously in pantomime mode.

Christoph Wagner – Rhein Neckar Zeitung – Heidelberg – 10.02.2023


Joaquin Asiain moans like a fried Swan and celebrates a soaring Solo in the highest register.

Dagmar Korth – Westfalisches-B – 8.11.2022



The tenor, Joaquín Asiain, is a specialist in a very special role and was likeable and made for the role.

J. Mendiola – Arabalears – 10.10.2022


One of the highlights of Carmina is the scene of the swan lamenting his fate that he, who once swam so proudly on the waters, now ends up in the pan – poor me swan. Joaquin Asiáin shone here with incomparable singing and acting skills. It was a delicious pleasure to listen to this „whining“

 Hanna Eisenbart – RP Online – 21.11.2021


… and the spanish tenor Joaquín Asiáin. The latter was the ideal cast for the very high aria of the swan, except that he sang that role more than 200 times ..

Veruschka Rechel – Badisches Tagblatt – 4.06.2019


775 City Anniversaire  STADTHALLE KLEVE

… and tenor Joaquín Asiáin shone as a „fried“ swan with full voice in the very highest tessitura. A pleasure!

RP-Online – 13.06.2017



Asiáin made from the lamento of the fried swan in the pan a vocal and actorically convincing piece of cabinet.
By Christoph B. Ströhle – Reutlinger General Anzeiger – 10.3.2015



The spanish Tenor Joaquín Asiáin fascinated in his role as a fried swan. He did not use his hands to keep the notes, but with powerful gestures underlined and illustrated the text.
By Wenzel Hübner – Rhein Neckar Newspaper – 31.07.2013


The soloists … and Joaquín Asiáin did not have an insignificant part. Above all, the latter struck with his unusual tenor, he can achieve incredibly high tones.
By Katja Grieser – East Thuringian newspaper – 22.06.2009


Tenor Joaquín Asiáin gave the fried swan so convincingly that one could almost smell the crispy ribs.
Porz – Online.de – 26.11.2008


The Spanish tenore di grazia Joaquín Asiáin has a not very frequently heard voice in Monterrey. Its timbre of light texture and unbelievable ease for the high tessitura combined with an impressive scenic capacity, is considered a treat for the connoisseur.
R.Tischavsky-Millenium N.L – Monterrey -10.03.2007